In october 2018, I presented the solo show "175 centimètres" in Leo Baron and Françoise Pacé's studio Les Ateliers du Carré Rouge in Carrouges. The paintings where sized on my own proportions, at the size of my head, of my hands, of my torso.

Here is a traduction of the show's text:

"I'm observing the four edges of a frame, I imagine that waves emanates from it. They could form four rays, two vertical and two horizontal. Their radiations are progressing forwards and hits the body which stands in front of them in precise points. The body's organs are active and reacts where the rays passes. Inside these organs, nerves composed by cells are transmitting the nervous information through electrical synapses. I'm thinking of the conductivity of these lightnings, I imagine the same tension between the painting and the body. Its intensity is varying with the shades and the patterns painted on the canvas, and especially with the scale of the frame and its position in the space. Thus spatialized, the painting becomes a sculpture. It resonates with the architectural volume in which it is shown.

For this exhibition at the Atelier du Carré Rouge, I choose to scale the presented paintings on my own scale: 175 centimeters high and 50 centimeters wide."

Solo show
Variable dimensions