Kalastusruuhi means «fishing barge» in Finnish. This project followed the project Otherworldly beings. This time it's not an object that I send to other dimensions, it's with an object that I myself will be able to travel.

The structure of the boat has been made with the resources found on my piece of land in Normandy : young tree trunks, sisal rope, a driller, a saw, an axe, and a sheath knife. The hull has been made with curved plywood that I tarred and burnt with a torch from the inside and outside. I learned a lashing technique and some useful knots : capstan, square, scaffold, and constrictor that were useful in building the structure. Learning knots made me question my technical skills : I would like to learn 3D modeling, but I'm not able to do a simple knot. Why hasn't it been taught to me at school? What have I actually learned in school?
Not too much I think, because I was being taught without moves, without body memory, I was taught to forget the needs of my body.
The construction of the barge took almost three months. It took intense daily efforts, through which I experienced many new things. I understood that the learning of a technique, however difficult it can be, means nothing if it's not destined for exchange, for sharing. So I destined my barge to travel the Calonne river with my friend Fabio.

My barge is made to be both a sculpture and a floating boat. I chose to fill it with water in my graduation exhibition. It was rehearsing its future mobility in the motionless space of the gallery, promising to move again. The rows were positioned against the wall behind it. Two black lines leaning against a white wall, placed as stored in a shed : inviting you to grab them and leave. They resembled two lines, as in the first unary writing systems. They formed a connection with the first room and Otherworldly beings project, thus leading back to the questions of language and symbols.

Trunks, ropes, tarred plywood
Variable dimensions