I made the Water blasts in 2019 while I was studying in Paris. They are part of my painting's evolution related to the Runescape game. In this case, I stepped outside the painting’s conventional frames and began to work with shaped canvas.

In the game, some of the magic attacks are called blasts. They are spells that wizards use to hit and kill opponents. I was interested by their star shape, I began to study the meanings and representations of energies plastically. I was looking at a lot of minimalist artworks, especially the works of Agnès Martin. I was also reading Jean-François Billeter's translations of ancient texts written by philosopher Tchouang-tseu. I wanted to represent a kind of inexistent blast, the repetition of a pattern, a star, sun, energy, sky, cosmos, spell.

In the Louvre Museum's department of Mesopotamia, I found the same pattern depicted on clay, on vases, on sculptural representations of humans and on ceramics. In cuneiform, god is represented by a star made with the Qalam.

Water blast +
Water blast ++
Water blast +++
Water blast ++++

Oil on polyester on plywood