We created the exhibition Un Cœur Simple for Montreuil’s Contemporary Art Center in collaboration with the artist and curator Louis Meyer.


The show lasted for two months and hosted works by artists : Pierre Aghaikian, Jean Cador, Pierre Delmas, Skander Mestiri, Arslane Smirnov, Louis Meyer and myself. All together, we crafted La soucoupe, a common bronze sculpture made specially for the show, with the help of Pierre Delmas and Fabien Ducrot in the making of the cast. The sculpture project was later published by Marc Décimo in Pataphysician’s Viridic Candela, serial 9, n.23. During the show, we also curated events, amongst them Timo Andersson’s (Ecto Mist) experimental concert, Julia Feix’s dance performance, Pierre Alferi’s lecture and Charlie Aubry’s sound workshop. The whole visual identity of the show was created by the studio Hudson Catty, as well as the flyer and the booklet documenting the process of the bronze cast.

Through the choices of the curated works and the way of display, Un Cœur Simple’s motives were to study and embody the topics of Naivete and Simplicity, subjects present throughout the history of arts and particularly fantasised and re-evoked by recent artistic movements with newly increased interest in Outsider art (Art brut). We thus directly referred to Flaubert’s famous short novel, as well as the work of Jean-Claude Ladrat, an outsider artist whose work I continued to study later for my master’s thesis.

Bernard Desmoulins
Architectecture of Centre 116, 2013

Pierre Delmas
Aluminium cast, plane's leftovers.
102×16×10cm, 2016.

Surf mexicain
Resin, wood, aluminium & bronze cast.
290×60cm, 2016

Pierre Aghaikian
Oil on canvas.
275×234cm, 2018

X2850mph Kingdom Hearts
Oil on canvas.
234×280cm, 2018

Louis Meyer
Architecture with Figure
Aluminium cast, massive oak, socle.
183×100×100cm, 2017

César Ropponen-Brunel
Allure phénoménale
Faisceau luminescent
Énorme flux magnétique

Oils on mixed canvas.
25,5×18×3cm, 2018

99 Strenght Lvl
Lumbridge (respawn)

Oils on linen.
240×120×5cm, 2018

Jean Cador
Oil on canvas.
46×38cm, 2018

Oils on canvas.
35×27cm, 2017

All exhibition's artists
La Soucoupe
Bronze cast,
With the help of Pierre Delmas & Fabien Ducrot.
90×90×33cm, 2019

Studio Hudson Catty
Booklet documenting the creation of La soucoupe project.
23×16,5cm, 2019

Poster of the exhibition Un cœur simple.
60×40×cm, 2019

Marc Décimo
Article Des nouvelles de Jean-Claude Ladrat
In Viridis Candela, Serie 9, n°23, 2020

Group show