In 2021, we built together with the artist Maïa Lacoustille an experimental studio in a cellar in Paris. We transformed it into a music studio and made chicorys grows in it soil with the help of led lightning. We worked in it almost for a half year and started to create an installation project with reindeer horns, led lights and our own made songs.

In march 2022, the artist Nastassia Kotava held an experimental show called "Sunny chicory", curated on her iphone under the name "Nastassia's Iphone". Here's the text we wrote for the show:

Our exhibition on Nastassia's Iphone is the first time we are lightening out our gloomy cellar-studio project, presenting it to the light of the outside, light present in and out your eyes. We are working on since october 2021, after we graduated from Paris unfine art school. We found this cave somewhere in the deepest 20th area of Paris.

We emptied it, cleaned it, fixed it, painted walls with fungicide slaked lime and removed 1,5 tons of ground to enlarge the height inside. We found electricity and electricity founds us. We managed to build a desk and bring computers and music instruments in. We started to cultivate chicories, brambles, and nettles with our growing led lights.

Mouses, worms, flys and slugs are since then enjoying chicories as much as we are. The water and the soil we carried in brought a lukewarm humidity as well as worms and mosquitos.

Now, we are working on installations that will communicate through reindeer's horns. They will talk with our songs, recordings, videos, codes, money, clothes. Languages of a new nuclear beast.

It's worth waiting it!

See you soon!

Maïa & César

Various materials
Variable dimensions