In june 2023, we collaborate with artist Nesrine Salem to create the installation "Soleil mort.e" in Vapaantaiteen tila in Helsinki. Nesrine was part of Saison 6 program, organised by the M.O.C.O in collaboration with Helsinki Biennial.

We choose to work on what we already had with us, Nesrine has her book "What is the residue left from setting a black puddle on fire", and I had a big patch work made of all the remainings of my previous paintings. We choose to combine these two elements and to write something new together.

So we choose to focus on the pine tar, remembering Nesrine of the Algerian oil, and for me the traditional finnish boat protection. We made benches who were tarred and invited the spectators to sit and write what they wanted on the benches. We also made a black puddle of tar in the shape of the old proto-sinaitic letter "waw", reminding an interest in old writings and their history.

The sound of burnt wood and tar was also played behind the canvas curtain.

Wood, canvas, book, tar, sound
Variable dimensions